Writing prompt: senseless stream of conscious


Scare me again. I dare you. Slamming full body into the door won’t break it down. Now quit talking to yourself, or for that matter, thinking to yourself. This isn’t a string-bean of logic here in your stream of concours writing. Look at those dogo people who don’t yet exist.

Feed the ill seeds because my breath won’t work. I told you it was a an Everest pickled. Oh, look it’s a green forklift cramming into the reeds. Oh, be careful in that shackle that’s coming.

There is a big foot coming to town. I’m mad at all those pupils and olives. I lost my shoe trying to climb into the refrigerator. I’m done now with the blackout in November. Wait and see, or not. Is than an ashtray?

Before They’re Gone

A few years ago, a holocaust survivor came to our school to talk about her life and answered questions.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall a lot, except for that she was infuriated at God and stopped believing in Him. Additionally after being forced to build plane parts (which didn’t work), she was scheduled to be sent from Durcau to Auswitcz, which was liberated before she was sent with a friend who also survived. Lastly, she explained sometimes the guards put them under showers which were water, not gas.

When asked at the end about how she managed to survive, she said, “the will to live is very strong.”

For current cases, she was also asked what she felt could be a solution to terror nowadays.

“If I knew, I would have begun [resolving],” she commented, regarding Isis. In America, terrorism claims identities to superficially protect themselves and outlive who they fear. Maybe one of the fears is the reality of our history – for America, the dark being slavery and genocide.

Reflections of my freedom to be stupid

My thoughts and emotions waver and conflict as I’m going between research on sjws, neo-Nazis, and so forth. I try to be detached from the research, as with all research. I become more immature without a set goal, set plans, set guidance. By the time I am capable of thinking, my brain shuts off. The drama wasn’t analyzed. The problems must be understood to understand the solution. Thinking has become dependent on many factors including open-mindedness which is an idea we created to solve ignorance. Solving our ignorance is abstracting from understanding it. Understanding it resolves it, but I don’t want to do that. The problem is laziness and stubbornness.

There is a the weak self-determination to write a book  that might make you the next Salman Rushdie, as Jordan Peterson would say, or the next ‘Danish Cartoonist.’

And there is researching within the realm of academic responsibility. Yet, nobody wants to read my academic work. Maturity doesn’t sell, or maybe I’m aiming at the wrong audience at the wrong time. Or maybe, we all need atlas of lemonade and a bean bag once and a while to purge.


The word is going insane
Now the sensitive rule
Everything’s ashame
We play the Kings fools
Blurt out what we feel fast
To think they would matter
Or that that would last
As if the world would shatter

Question the Abstraction


Change is everything but we don’t like change
We want to be in control but don’t like to be controlled
We are rational creatures, but don’t like to think
We have the ability to respond but don’t like responsibility
We are nature but we try to avoid it
If it doesn’t make sense, we fear it

Session Notes: Ideas and Emotions

Examples of atrocities in faith:
I. Don’t want to have burqa ban; fear penalty or don’t know anything else
a. Idea of losing it is scary
b. faced with the offer of freedom, its refused, like cave allegory not wanting to leave the familiar
c. Offer of thinking gets same response
II. Human trafficking and animal factories physical prison
a. Even if we free one country, other countries do it
i. mindset of the people creating justifications to allow it to happen
b. Stem cell meat maybe solution
c. Christian belief why controversial killing stem cells
i. Ties into invented morals and idea of soul
ii. Same as the teachings of a supposed person written down 700 yeas after his death
1. Nobody today is enlightened yet we think we are
Logically emotional
I. Emotions are real are tied to irrational ideas we invent
a. Sad because you find Jesus in your heart, for example
II. Having an unknown feeling unidentified really bothers us
a. try and find out what it is -> select the first emotion that comes ton us and link a thought to it
b. If that’s not enough, we find other reasons to be sad as well think of more sad things
I. Also use emotions for manipulation
a. Politicians use emotions to manipulate people create image of what they want to get people to vote for them
b. Manipulate ourselves by continuing mistakes in our relationships we will never make again
II. Can we be logical and emotional simultaneously?
a. What idea is the emotions attached to?
b. How do we interpret this relationship to idea?
c. Manipulation of self and others
i. Violent relationshi -> mess -> justify by seeing what god meant by allowing this to happen
ii. Convince ourselves we aren’t responsible for our mind
d. if emotional when needing face problems, it creates more problems and we do not think clearly
e. Ideas about being entirely logical is scary, te idea that we are robots and emotions make us human
II. If religious people knew what they believed, they wouldn’t believe it because it doesn’t make sense
a. Many people get very emotional when other people challenge their god.
i. The anger is a real emotion
ii. Tied to idea that isn’t healthy and might not exist
How many emotions are neurological or biological as opposed to the number of emotions deriving from inventions or ideas?
I. We can’t think when constantly emotional
a. We should highlight what we mean by the things we think we know, what what our reaction is, what we think we believe, etc
II. Where do our ideas come from?
a. Family, school, media, recreational activities, experience, community, government, commercialization, economy, background, etc
i. We come to a conclusion somewhere about each
We try to approach problems through ideas